3 D Acrylic Molded Letters

Customized 3 D letter manufacturer specialized in molded letters

  • Injection Molded Channel Letters
  • Gem Lite Formed Channel
  • Gem Lite Custom Formed Channel Products
  • Prismatic Plastic letters
  • Curved 3D Letters

Gemini plastic letters along with Adventrix offers the greatest variety of dimensional plastic letters available today–from traditional to ornamental and script. Gemini manufacture’s 3 different lines of plastic letters. Available in over 30 standard colors and virtually any style under the sun.

Gemini’s revolutionary new process replicates the brilliance of metallic chrome by laminating a chrome film onto our world-famous CAB plastic. The result is a product that can be formed to create letters and logos to your specifications – with dazzling results. Adding LED lighting to Gem Lite translucent letters transforms the stunning chrome appearance to a radiant glow. A change as dramatic as day to night. The properties of the chrome film laminate generate a halo effect surrounding a partially shaded face – an upscale look at an affordable price.