Benefits of Having Effectively Illuminated Night-time Signage

Benefits of Having Effectively Illuminated Night-time Signage

A sign functions as a silent 24×7 advertising tool for any kind of business. It enables branding, and if done well, can impact your customers and leave a mark on their memory, even when your store is closed. While some businesses believe that they could do without investing in night-time signage and try minimizing fund allocation to this aspect in their budget, this entire post is dedicated to proving just why it is essential for you to invest in a perfectly illuminated sign, not only for your business but for your community too.
Let’s first enlist how having a sign illuminated at night can benefit your business:
1. It enables cheap branding
2. It attracts impulse shoppers (most retail shoppers/eaters enter stores and make purchases on an impulse)
3. It can enable shoppers to remember your store even if they weren’t looking for it
4. It can range from professional to quirky in appearance and allow shoppers to get an idea of who you truly are, thereby eliciting interest where there may have been none

While these are the benefits for your business, by having your signs illuminated at night, you can also serve your community. Here’s how:

  1. It can aid the safety of drivers at night and can be particularly helpful for those who have poor vision
  2. It can prevent crime if the illumination appropriately falls on darker areas that are susceptible to dangerous incidents
  3. It can even enable daytime visibility of the sign (which can benefit both, the business and passers-by), particularly if the weather affects it often

Some areas may have restrictions on night-time illumination for signs. Ensure that you familiarize yourself with the area regulations before you opt for such signage.

To obtain the complete benefits of on-premise illuminated signage, it should ideally follow this checklist:

  1. It should be internally illuminated for maximum visibility and efficiency (internally illuminated lights are more efficient than externally illuminated lights)
  2. It should be clearly visible, legible, and suitably bright so that it is comfortable on the eyes (not too bright and not too dull)
  3. It should be visible regardless of the weather (sunny, foggy, cloudy, etc.)
  4. It should be able to stand out among other brightly-lit signs
  5. It should factor for dulling of lights, visibility through material used, colours of the signage, and overall endurance of the material upon exposure to the elements
  6. It should employ energy-efficient lights (such as LED) in order to cut costs

It may appear that wholly illuminated signage is an investment that only large businesses can afford, and that for small business owners, this can pose a challenge. This may not be completely incorrect, because illuminated signage can get expensive, even if you are opting for the most cost-efficient material that can save you expenses in the long run. When opting for illuminated signage, several factors have to be taken into consideration. These include the cost, appearance and aesthetic, installation, maintenance, and area regulations.

All these factors largely depend on your target audience. The choice of colours, the placement of the sign, the aesthetic, and the decision to invest a good deal of money in getting a round-the-clock illuminated sign will be determined by the people you are trying to attract, which includes individuals who don’t fall into that audience, but could still benefit from your business.

Remember that any business can benefit from on-premise illuminated signage. It is not just profitable for retail stores and eateries. Whether you are a learning centre, a bank, a dance school, or a medical centre, having illuminated signage at night can enable individuals to find you and remember you, thereby bringing you the business you need.

For complete solutions regarding illuminated signage within a budget, allow us at Adventrix to help you make the right choice and guide you in choosing the lighting module that will fit your business and budget.

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