Branding a Business with Signage: Why it is Still the Most Effective Form of Branding

Branding a Business with Signage: Why it is Still the Most Effective Form of Branding

For most store/business owners, a sign is just another thing they have to get to complete the setup of their new business; or they are simply acting upon the advice of another acquaintance who also recently started his business. But we all know the role strong outdoor signage can play in giving your business the recognition it needs by allowing passersby to notice it. Most importantly, it can be used for branding—to create a powerful image of your business and leave it etched on the minds of your potential customers.

Remember that your business identity in terms of your logo and your signage are interlinked. So if you are starting off with a new business or revamping an existing brand, remember that the same look has to go outside your office/showroom/store and then on your letterhead, business card, and other corporate stationery.
How Your Signage Speaks of Your Brand

Let’s paint a picture. Your store is located in a locality bustling with activity and shoppers. You’ve placed an ad in the local newspaper for your store, and someone calls to say they’re in the locality but they can’t find it. And you respond, “Ours is the shop right next to the store with the big red and white sign” (which nowadays most store owners are using as a landmark to help customers find their own store).

So what does the customer do? No matter how great your store, he will now always refer your store to someone as the store next to the store with the big red and white sign. And that’s how your other potential customers will now remember you. That is how your brand will now be remembered, and you probably can even include this detail in your print ad – ABC, the store next to the store with the big red and white sign. Makes your brand memorable, doesn’t it?

But the real question is: do you want to be the store next to the big red and white sign or the store with the big red and white sign? Do you always want to bask in the shadow of that store that invested in excellent signage and became a landmark in your locality, or do you want to be the store that becomes a landmark on its own, thereby attracting regular customers as well as impulse shoppers?

We’re assuming it is the latter. Every business puts itself out there with the goal to become a big name one day. And while it is obvious that product/service quality is the biggest deciding factor when it comes to establishing one’s business, it is the subsequent branding activity that spreads the word to the target audience.

Why Does This Method of Branding Still Work?

Consider retail giants like Nike. That one simple logo called a swoosh has made its mark world over. Now, Nike outlets don’t bear signs with the name of the brand. They bear signs with just the logo. Everyone knows what store they are getting into. Because that symbol is ingrained in everyone’s psyche. They don’t need to be alert to recognize it. That symbol is the promise of a high-quality brand, and that brand is what is bringing Nike recurring business.

In spite of this popularity, Nike continues to invest in signage and branding. It’s not enough that they get regular customers. They want to leave a mark on their memory, which they have succeeded in doing. Every day, with a new branding campaign, Nike targets more and more customers, because hey, everyone needs shoes!

So the bottom line is, your brand quality, combined with a consistent branding campaign via a memorable logo and an even more memorable sign, will create for you what the swoosh has done for Nike. The right colours, logo and content on a sign that commands attention of ALL passersby will give your business the recognition it deserves. Finally, incorporating references to your signage in your other ads can be your biggest selling point. You can make your signage do ALL of your advertising work.

Whether you are just starting out with your business or giving it a makeover, Adventrix LLC based in Dubai, UAE can help you design or redesign your logo, create a sign that will most certainly command attention in your locality, and install it at the right location on the premises. Our team of experts will help you develop a brand that will stand out in the vast landscape of stores within malls, highways, or bustling markets like Meena Bazaar. Wherever in the UAE you are located, one call to Adventrix is all it takes to make your signage brand your business. The rest will take care of itself!

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