Computerized Directory

CDS is touch screen based electronic directory and way finding solution, Hardware, Software, and enclosures are all offered in a complete turnkey solution that is designed to enhance any interior design strategy. The intuitive, user friendly software facilities rapid updates and editing. CDS is a cost efficient and reliable solution to assist you in a day-to-day operations of office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, educational institutions, courthouses, government and other facilities.


  • Provides visitors with way finding information
  • Elegant industrial design
  • State of the art communication tool for visitors and customers
  • Increases awareness of your organization
  • User friendly
  • Low Operating costs with centralized management
  • High reliability
  • Effective marketing tool
  • Quick set up and complete solution
  • Total flexibility to support integration and future needs
  • Simple to manage


  • Hardware requires minimum supervision
  • Specially engineered for use in unsupervised areas
  • Equipped with a ruggedized touch screen and secure enclosure
  • Fully network capable
  • Precision engineered and quality manufactured product
  • Combines state of the art electronics and touch-screen technology with superior industrial designs


  • Customized to meet the objectives of your organization
  • Flexible graphical user interface
  • Professionally designed attract and menu screens
  • Multiple software applications
  • Remote or local content management
  • Customizable attract screens and menus
  • Supports multiple languages

Supports multiple languages

  • Building directory
  • Way finding and multi-level mapping
  • Brand awareness
  • Advertising Product information
  • Display Tenant and leasing information and menus
  • Internet access
  • Email
  • Telephony
  • Seasonal Messaging