Consumer Engagement through Digital Signage

Consumer Engagement through Digital Signage

With advancements in modern information technology, consumer engagement has become one of the most competitive segments of marketing. The idea behind this is not just to win new customers, but to engage them and to earn their loyalty to the brand. One of the most effective ways for a brick-and-mortar location to achieve this is through the use of digital signage. This medium allows for messaging that is highly versatile to provide a range of consumer engagement strategies to the location.

Basic elements of digital signage

Depending on the budget and imagination of the marketing team, digital signage offers an almost limitless range of options. However, there are some basic points that most digital sign strategies will cover in one way or another.

Information – The conveyance of information is one of the most basic functions of digital signage. From basic information like store hours to options like a digital menu board for a restaurant, this function allows the business to provide information in a way that can be up to the minute and customizable. It also has the option of using pictures and demos to expand upon the information being presented. With digital signage, you can also go one step further and really educate the consumer about your products and services.

Advertising – As with static signage, one of the primary functions of the digital medium is to raise awareness of and advertise products and services. Digital signage makes for an eye-catching, dynamic medium to advertise through. The advertising can be customized to the location and the time of day, along with a whole host of other factors. This makes digital signage an almost indispensable branding tool.

Entertaining – For the most part, using signage to entertain will be a secondary concern for a business owner, but it can still be a part of the engagement strategy. Using short entertaining clips will get the consumer’s attention and then the business owner can use a range of strategies to deliver their message while they have the attention of their audience.

Going a step further

With digital signage, the possibilities extend far beyond these basic elements, but most digital signage campaigns have at least one of these elements at its core. Some marketing strategies will go much further than this and employ the digital signage to achieve an even deeper level of customer engagement.

This can be done by creating an interactive in-store experience with the digital signage. This makes a personalized experience for the consumer incorporating tools like interactive displays, social media marketing and customer club cards. This type of campaign is really ambitious and it uses digital signage as one of the building blocks in a much larger campaign to bring consumers in and make them loyal customers.

To compete in the modern business world, you need to have a customer engagement strategy that works on a variety of levels. Part of this strategy should include building an in-store experience for consumers that stands-out from your competitors. Digital signage can help to build the dynamic in-store experience that is at the core of an effective engagement strategy.

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