Content Design for Digital Signage

Content Design for Digital Signage

Investing some of your marketing budget into digital signage can be an effective way to deliver your message to consumers. The different software and hardware options provide the business with a great range of capabilities that can fit almost any marketing strategy. While these tools are impressive and versatile in the capabilities, at the end of the day, how you use them and how the message is crafted will determine how effective they can be. With this being the case, it is important for us to consider the issue of digital signage content development.

When you are using digital signage as a marketing medium, you want to make a few considerations. While some of the basic rules that apply to other types of marketing will apply, for digital signage content there are few specific concerns that you should address before you get into the heart of the content design process. The key question for digital signage content is, how can you create content that is memorable and engaging while delivering the message in a short period of time? Like all marketing content, you want it to stick with the consumer and get them thinking about your business, but with digital signage, you typically only have a limited amount of time to hit the mark.

The location of the signage

The place where the consumer is most likely to encounter the digital signage should play a role in the overall content creation process. Is the sign most likely to be viewed by consumers that are just passing by? Will the sign need to engage consumers at the point of sale or as they enter the building? Will the digital signage installation be viewed in some type of waiting area?

What the consumer is doing and how much time they are expected to have will help you to determine factors like how quick and simple the content should be. In a location where the consumer is only likely to see the sign in passing, you want the content to be simple and concise. If it is an area where they are likely to be waiting or spending some time, you have a little more liberty as to how simple the content can be.

Make the content accessible

You don’t want the consumer to have to work or think too hard to get the message. The content should easily visible from a range of different viewing distances. You don’t want to bog the message down with too much text and you want images to be simple and relevant. Use color patterns that will catch the consumer’s attention and deliver the message in short phrases or with easy to understand visuals. Remember, you have to hit the mark in a limited amount of time and it has to engage the consumer in a way that is meaningful.

Creating content for digital signage can be a fun process, but it also requires a considerable amount of thought. With the right software, you can create your own custom signage content. However, there are also experts that specialize in digital signage content and they can make content that hits on all of these points and more.

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