CSR Initiative

CSR Policy

Adventrix is a provider of commercial and architectural signage elements specializing in creation of marketing environments for our customers. We are professional and pro-active in all our activities, while maintaining a high level of responsibility to the environment, our community and all our customers.


  • Caring nature and mankind
  • Energy efficiency using latest technology
  • Recycling & reusing the waste

Safety First

Adventrix emphasis on safety in all the activities right from manufacturing to installation. Safety training and certificates are among strict requirements for all our personnel.

Sign Sourcing: a CSR Activity

Appeal to the sign makers – If you come across any new sign material or product, which you can’t find from your own research, please share it with us. We will help you to source it. And it will be kept confidential all along. And we do this to develop the sign community as a CSR activity.

Sign Design Services – a CSR Activity

It is always a nightmare for small companies to make structural calculations for the signs they produce. We can help these companies with structural sign designs for complicated signs of any type at a nominal cost.

Company Values

  • Being Independent
  • Being a Local Employer
  • Addresses a niche in the market
  • Enjoys being part of local community
  • Being a company with staff led principles & values