Does the Size of Signage Matter? Yes it Does!

Does the Size of Signage Matter? Yes it Does!

What good is a sign if it can’t be seen by your target audience? To attract your potential customer, having the right sign of the appropriate size is not only important, it is mandatory. We have spoken about how a sign can conduct day-long silent advertising for your business, and how it is one of the most important yet evidently-ignored aspects of business investments. But the fact of the matter is that not only is it necessary that you have a sign, it is imperative that it be appropriately sized to attract the right kind of people for your business. With the amount of exposure people have to different types of media, grabbing their attention is all the more challenging. But a sign of the right size can just do the trick for you.

How Signage Size is Determined

  1. Visibility to Targeted Audience: The size of a sign should be determined such that it grabs attention from two groups of targeted consumers: walking customers and customers who are driving. According to the International Sign Association, a sign that is parallel to the road must be significantly larger than a sign that is perpendicular to the road to be read by speeding drivers.
  2. Available Space: The space available on your store front largely determines the size of the sign. Sometimes, the available space and the appropriate size of the sign may clash with each other. However, a signage professional can help you get the size right.
  3. Number of Words: The number of words used is directly proportionate to the available space on the store front and will affect the width and height of the sign.
  4. Types of Words: Easy to read words will always work well on a sign. The more difficult or longer a word is to read, the larger it should be to be able to attract consumer attention.
  5. Font: The choice of font, though personal, is best suggested by a signage professional. If you are redoing your sign, you may want to keep it in sync with your logo and card design. However, the fancier a font, the larger it should be. And the larger a font is, the more space it will occupy.
  6. Colours: The best colours for signs are bright and vivid, and clearly visible from a distance. As such, red is best for this purpose. Blue/green signs are less visible from a distance, and white is moderately visible from a large distance.
  7. Illumination: A sign can be illuminated externally, with lights directed towards the sign, or internally, with LEDs, bulbs, and other light sources. There are limitations to brightness imposed by the government, and these should be kept in mind when choosing the kind of illumination you want for your sign. Remember the goal here: since your sign works as free advertising all day and all night, it should be appropriately sized and illuminated to develop brand recognition and attract the right customers.

Calculating the width and height of a sign involves a fair amount of mathematics. The speed of walkers as well as drivers determines how easily they will be able to see a sign. The International Sign Association suggests that this method of calculation, though precise, does not include the placement of graphics and logos that are integral parts of a business brand. As such, the calculation is best left to a professional—with a good amount of experience and familiarity with local laws—who can incorporate both, the branding elements as well as the right size for the sign. Who better than Adventrix LLC to do it for you?

After viewing the location of your business (which could be located anywhere in Dubai or the UAE), we understand your requirements from the sign and offer consultancy on how your sign should be created with regards to size and illumination. We then move on to the manufacture and installation process, and ensure that any sign created works efficiently to bring you much-needed business and sales. Collaborating with us is the best way to ensure that a sign genuinely accomplishes the goals of your business. Give us a call right away to get started!

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