Evolution of 3 Dimensional Letters (3 D Letters)

Evolution of 3 Dimensional Letters (3 D Letters)

3 D Letters (Neon)

3D Letters have been manufactured using various materials such as Aluminium, Acrylic, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Granite, Marbles, wood etc. The non-illuminated are made to the shape of the logos and letters.
Later illuminated signs evolved these letters are illuminated by Neon Tubes of various colors. The disadvantage of Neon Tubes are

  • Neon Signs consumes high electricity
  • Neon signs have high maintenance costs
  • Low light output for input power
  • They only produce small range of color spectrum, they make only one general color at a time
  • More Hazardous

The Different illumination techniques used for the illumination of 3D letters such as Face Lit, Halo Lit, Face and Halo lit.

3D Letters (LED)

Use of LED’s in illuminating 3D letters has lot of advantages

  •  Longevity of the unit 50 -100,000 hours
  •  Huge savings on costly ongoing maintenance
  •  Dramatically reduced running costs, based on KW consumed
  •  Reduced Installation costs saving electrical trades costs.
  •  Lower cost of associated equipment
  •  Fully programmable both cable and wireless

Various illumination techniques have been tried such side lit by using LED’s. Large letters such as more than 3 meters of height have been made of flex face and illuminated by LED’s as the acrylic size is not enough to make such large letters.

 Acrylic LED Letters (Latest)

The Latest Technology in 3 D Letter making is using the 33 mm solid acrylic with bullet LED’s  inserted from the back the acrylic on to the pre drilled holes. The LED’s are then covered by Epoxy. These letters are absolutely maintenance free and lasts for 50000 hours. These letters do not have any joints or screws and 100% dust proof.

Dynamic 3D letters (dot matrix screen made in Letter shape)

The more advanced signs with LED dot-matrix can be used for making 3 D letters. This is brighter than any other form of illumination as the brightness can be in the range of 6000 cd/m^2. Kidzania in Dubai Mall using such LED dot-matrix 3 D Letters.

Transparent Glass LED Screens for shop front signage

Our new technology High transparent P10 and P16 glass led display can be placed inside the glass panel of the retail showroom. The LED screen look completely transparent and can customized messages and shop name at times as required.


The future of retail shop front will host 3D holographic letters. The logos and letters can be projected using video projection technology allowing spectacular free form 3 – Dimensional moving images to appear within live setting.
The development of HD video production coupled with high powered HD projectors and the use of a thin membrane “foil” have created images of a scale and definition never before possible resulting in a much more realistic look than anything previously achieved using a more conventional Pepper’s Ghost set up.
Video content for the in-store display technologies has been created in unison using two custom made techniques and produced entirely in high definition by Square Zero. Dynamic live action and CGI were combined to create images with depth which the viewer can reach out and almost touch.
The technology allows to change any promotional activities, announcements displayed with the click of button.

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