External Fascia

External fascia cladding & Canopies will completely transform, renovate and modernize the buildings.

External Fascia’s & canopies will enhance the look of the exterior of the buildings. We advise on the recommended method of manufacture, construction. Fixing and installation. Adventrix specialized in making fascia and canopies to your specific requirements.

Adventrix canopy and fascia system will enhance the visibility, image, identity and appeal of any retail corporate retail image.

  • Adventrix shall provide cladding and fascia for Petrol stations, C store and Retail Industries for new sites or retrofits.
  • Typical finishes include aluminum composite panels(ACM), Powder coated aluminum panels on custom finishes are also available.
  • Through continuous design improvements and superior craftsmanship, Adventrix products provide long life and low maintenance.

Structural calculations are carried out, in particular to assess the potential wind loading on the finished item. Often this will determine the principal structural framework elements of the sign or canopy to be erected, the base plate and bolt cage details and, if required, the size of any concrete base that needs to be provided.