Flex Face Signage


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Flex banners are durable and flexible ways of visually advertising your brand. Flex sign board offer weather resistant finish, higher visibility and superior clarity.

Flex face signs are an important way to advertise and promote your brand name, your products and your services. Outdoor illuminated signs are in trend these days; Illuminated advertising is preferred than the non-illuminated ones. Flex face signs can be used as company sign boards, shop front signs, advertising light boxes, and backlit displays etc.

Adventrix manufactures flex face signs. Our flex face signs are simple to use and make changing easily.

  • Durable
  • Easy to replace flex
  • Any Shape is possible with new profile systems
  • Size up to 4.8 m seamless
  • Illumination by LED’s or fluorescent lamps

Springflex Substrate Tensioning System is a revolution in the fitting and maintenance of flexible faced signage. Its unique,hooking system is simplicity in itself. The patented “Springflex” system provides fast,accurate and instant tensioning of the sign face,without any mechanical adjustment.

There are 4 main profiles available in the Springflex range, giving endless options on construction. The use of LED technology allows our 90mm profile to evenly illuminated and as only 10kg per sq mtr complete. Modular construction allows signs to be constructed in sections to suit the installer or site conditions. Easy access to electrics either complete face removal or portions as required.

Springflex 265

  • 265mm Profile Depth
  • Construction of larger signs or where a deeper case depth is required, Springflex 265 is the ideal option.
  • Illuminated using LED or Fluorescent
  • Springflex VEF lid systems suitable
  • Full face display

Springflex 190

  • 190mm Profile Depth
  • The most widely used profile for for Shop,factory,Warehouse signage.
  • Illuminated using LED or Fluorescent
  • Springflex VEF lid system suitable
  • Shaped and curves possible
  • Full face display

Springflex 140

  • 140mm Profile Depth
  • Suitable for Illuminated or Non illuminated projects
  • LED compatible
  • Shapes and curves possible
  • Full face display

Springflex 90

  • 90mm Profile Depth
  • Illuminated using new LED Technology
  • Non Illuminated
  • Lightweight, 10kg sq mtr with LED illumination
  • Hinged lid system, no visible trim fixings