How Material Choices Are Important in Making Right Signage

How Material Choices Are Important in Making Right Signage

Your choice of materials will highly contribute to the quality of your signage. There are many kinds of materials that can be used but utilizing those of inferior quality just to save costs would ultimately result to more expense because you would have to replace or repair your signage at short time intervals.  High quality signage that could last for many years will cost you less compared to cheap and low quality ones.

For base material, aluminum is highly recommended because it is strong but light. Aluminum is ideal for signs on buildings and real estates, traffic and road signs, signs of parking garage, and signs that enumerate services offered.  You can improve the appearance of aluminum signs by putting colored borders or edges, using colored lettering, placing graphics including the company logo. To make sure that your aluminum signage will stay in place for a long time, you can bolt it to the wall or use frame and stick. Using glue can cause the sign to be easily displaced.

After deciding on aluminum as your base material, your next step s to decide on what to use for the lettering and graphics. You would benefit from using acrylic because it is easy to mix and apply but once it dries up, it strongly sticks to the aluminum.  High grade acrylic paint is vibrant and it is easy to apply. You can mix it with water and with other materials for better results. The paint dries up quickly. It does not show signs of aging as manifested by change in color such as turning yellowish or faded. Acrylic paints are guaranteed to look good for a long time.
If you want elegant looking signage especially the name of your establishment or company logo using metallic finish will be your best choice. You can opt for silver, bronze, copper, aluminum, or gold finish. These materials are durable, smooth, and give your sign an excellent luster.

When it comes to source of illumination, LED light is the best. LED is known for its energy-saving nature, which means that you consume less energy compared to other types of lighting. It does not contain chemicals or substances that can harm the environment and so it has been regarded as eco-friendly. Since LED could last for many years, it does not add to accumulated waste that can be hazardous to mankind.

In terms of illumination LED produces clear and white light that results to clarity of the signs. They are ideal if you want the sides and front of your sign illuminated. Because it gives off bright light without consuming much energy, LED light is cost-effective in the long run.

Signs made of durable and high quality materials will last long, perhaps for many years. Maintenance cost is minimal and the signs would not need replacement for many years. These extend the sign’s useful life without the need for additional costs.

Use high quality materials for your signs. At the start, they could cost a lot but after they have been installed, you would not incur additional expenses anymore.

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