How to Make Your Retail Outlet Stand Out with Vibrant Signage

How to Make Your Retail Outlet Stand Out with Vibrant Signage

In our recent post, “Good Sign, Bad Sign”, we mentioned how important signage is for any kind of business. For a retail store the importance is amplified because most customers are impulse shoppers. So just having a sign for your store is not enough. It has to be vibrant, attention-grabbing, and it has to stand out amid others stores, that let’s face it, will also take as many efforts with their signage as you will. Even well-established, global brands spend millions of dollars on signage, so for a start-up or a smaller establishment, signage can be among one of the many influencing factors that makes it a brand to reckon with.

Three factors can help your retail outlet stand out with regards to signage.

  1. Colour and Size: While the colour of the sign will largely depend on that of your brand, ensuring that it is clear, visible from a distance, and most importantly, appealing to your target audience is extremely important. High contrast signs demand greater attention from passers-by. So a dark background with light text (that is easily readable from a distance and is in scale to your store front) or vice versa will be your best bet to ensure your sign commands the attention it deserves.
  2. Placement: Yes, signage often finds itself atop the entrance to the store, but is that enough. What if your store is located on a curb where from a lot of customers cannot see it? If you have a corner store, then signage that spans the entire store will work. If you have several stores around you, have the sign placed slightly differently than the others. For instance, it could be placed a little lower or a little higher than the other signs around.
  3. Quality: This is the most important factor here. A lot of businesses skim on signage budgets because they believe it is not important. The case for signage has already been made; the focus is now on quality. Whether it is neon or LED, you must ensure that you deal with a highly experienced company that specializes in the kind of signage you want, or offers you an array of options so that you can make the right decision. This company should also provide maintenance services for the sign so that you are not plagued by worry every time you see the sign dulling a little.

In terms of material, LED signs are the leading choice in the signage industry. These are very low maintenance and less expensive in the long run. For affordable, sleek and lasting signage, the current trend is to install solid acrylic letters with embedded LEDs. Acrylic is a translucent material, and LEDs embedded within letters made of this material impart a glistening, polished look to your sign. These letters can be created in all types of fonts and sizes, and the signs can be as thin as 2-3 mm.

A step beyond LED signage is digital signage, a series of moving images and content that is directed at capturing the consumer’s attention. Dot-matrix LED displays (similar to the display on your alarm clock) are also making several appearances. These provide real-time updates to customers about your product and enable them to take instant purchasing decisions. Eventually, one screen will be enough to flash your store name, important messages, and marketing videos. Interactive touch screens along with LED displays will soon replace static LED signage.

To experience a smooth transition from the world of static signage to dynamic signage, or simply to have your retail store stand out amid competition, give us at Adventrix a call, and allow us to take over. From design to installation to after-sales service and maintenance, we do it all, so that you can reap the rewards of investing in supreme-quality signage.

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