Keep Your Customers Informed and Deliver!

Keep Your Customers Informed and Deliver!

[one_half last]In the business of signage, there’s a lot that can go wrong. That, actually, is true of any business. But with signage, things are critical because there can be technical errors as well as communication errors. You have to deliver what you promised, sometimes more, but your customer doesn’t need to know that. What he does need to know is that you will live up to the word you have marketed yourself by, and make his association with you worthwhile enough to recommend your services to other business owners as well.

In simple terms, your customer has to be in the loop through every stage of creating, manufacturing and installing a sign. Outline at least these five very important aspects to your customer in detail.

What is the best material for the sign?

There is a whole range of signage materials out there; from neon signs to LED illuminated signs, from metal-lettered signs to simple acrylic modelled letters. The variety available in the market, the variety available with you, the related process and cost, and the benefits and drawbacks of each should all be clearly stated to your customer. The decision can then be left to him.

How can the sign be best illuminated?

Illumination plays a very important role in signage. It makes the sign visible and should be good enough to be seen even when it is foggy or rainy. What then, is the best way to illuminate the sign? Where is his business located? How do government regulations impact the amount of illumination his sign can have? Are there obstructions to visibility of the sign? These factors, and more, should be discussed in detail.

What is the manufacturing process?

The manufacturing process of any chosen sign reflects in the quality of the final product. If you have promised a high-quality product, the signage manufacturing process has to be impeccable. And your client must be aware of what goes into the process, and why you are charging what you are charging.

What about your installation method?

Any reputed or respected signage professional follows certain established safety guidelines to install signs. How much time will it take to install the sign? What do you need from your customer in this process? How can you assure safety once the sign has been installed? It is your job to assure the customer of the process and calm any anxiety he may have during the installation process.

And your after-sales service?

A great signage company not only implements flawless signage manufacture and installation, it also provides maintenance and after-sales services to ensure that the sign is achieving the goals of the business.

The best way to communicate with a customer and deliver as per your promise is to have a detailed contract that outlines all your roles and responsibilities, and that of the customer in your business relationship. The process of consultation, choosing the sign, designing it, manufacturing it, and installing it is a fairly long one, and requires a lot of back and forth communication. If the process is clearly outlined in your contract, chances of miscommunication are less likely. A well-outlined will also seal the bond between your company and your customer.

The bottom line is, take all the time you need to be able to deliver a final product that your customer will love, appreciate, and recommend to his network. Developing your brand in the signage industry is essential to be able to get the right customer base. And investing the necessary time in establishing a strong relationship with your customer is one of the most important steps to immortalize that brand. The responsibility of ensuring that your customer has a memorable experience with your company lies on every person who is a part from it. From consultants to designers to technicians, all these individuals should ensure that they are projecting a positive company image. Get these very basics right and your signage company will soar.

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