Modular Signs – Infonorm

Infonorm is the world’s highest quality, modular sign systems manufactured by Switzerland based manufacturer.

Our system is precision engineered that each component piece fits meticulously and slides easily – not only on the first day but decades later.

  • An innovative, multifunctional sign system
  • Guarantees high quality and follow up service for years
  • All components are interchangeable and easy to replace
  • We offer support for specification, concepts and 1:1 samples
  • An all aluminium sign system
  • Profiles can be anodized or painted in any colour
  • Timeless design and only 6 mm thick
  • Invisible wall fixation by screws or double adhesive tape

Infonorm’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Three simple, interchangeable aluminum parts provide the building blocks for every sign

Technical Catalog

Infonorm Provides:

  • Master Directories
  • Flags Signs
  • Suspended Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Door Signs
  • Self Lettering Signs
  • Window Signs, Time Tables, Escape routes
  • Custom made signs on demand
  • Prototype production and developments

Infonorm consists of:

  • A base plate
  • A cover profile that slides on the base plate
  • Removable end caps that hold the profile in position

These three components fit into a basic grid pattern that can be sized to any dimensions within the grid structure. The grid and the three parts form a modular system capable of creating a boundless variety of configurations, sizes and designs to answer each customer’s very specific identity needs. The more you work with it, the more creative you can get.