Why Quality Signage from a Top Sign Maker in Dubai Adds Credibility

Why Quality Signage from a Top Sign Maker in Dubai Adds Credibility

It’s called the customer journey, and it begins from the moment that prospective client finds out about your business. What happens after they walk through the door is up to you, but to get them through that door in the first place, signage points the way. As sign makers in Dubai, we’ve seen what a difference quality signage can make. What do you need to know?

Get the best signage for your brand


“Is This Business Any Good?”

That’s what clients who are willing and able to part with their money in exchange for your goods and services are asking. Even they have had a referral from a friend or family member; they’ll be evaluating your business before they ever cross the threshold.

Was the person they spoke to on the telephone pleasant and professional? How does the storefront and its neighbourhood look? And, yes, is the signage crisp, neat, fresh and enticing? The latter might seem like the least of the things you need to worry about, but it may be much more important than you think.

If you’re offering premium quality and hope to charge prices to match, you simply can’t expect them to take you seriously if your signage is worn, faded, tatty or unprofessional-looking. An example easily springs to mind.

Signage Case Study

A manufacturing jeweller who makes bespoke gold and diamond jewellery for his clients approached us not long ago. His business’s signage was certainly prominent – and for all the wrong reasons. After years in the sun, it had faded to the point where it could hardly be read.

What had once been an elegant black background to compliment a representation of one of his gold rings and the business name picked out in gold, had undergone some extreme weathering over the years. The black had become a dirty grey-white, and the gold had lost its luster, becoming a nondescript pale yellow.

The window display was beautiful, the foyer was elegant, but that sign was enough to drive customers away when seen from the car park. Today, the Dubai business boasts a sign that welcomes its clients from afar – and its proprietor says he’s noticed an increase in new clients from passing trade.

Rooftop signage


Your Brand, Your Sign, Your Sign Makers in Dubai

No marketing specialist will overlook the importance of signage in branding. Just think of the iconic Coca-Cola sign. Wherever you are in the world, seeing it tells you that refreshment is near at hand. A brand consists of many things, but its colours, it’s fonts, and a simple but effective logo are the basics.

Businesses around the world invest vast sums of money into branding initiatives, but when it comes to adding value to your brand, your signage is a small investment that packs a lot of punch. For a slightly larger investment, you can get digital signage that gives your business a modern, cutting-edge image and allows you to display a changing array of offers, information, and images.

As a premier sign maker in Dubai, we bring attention to your brand, build your business’s public image, and bring customers to your door. Now, that’s an investment worth making! Whether you want 3-D letters, regular signboards, or digital signboards, we can meet your needs. Talk to us about your brand, your business, and your signage. We’re only a phone call away.

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