Signcare & Maintenance

At Adventrix – we care for your signs. We specialize in the following services

  • Sign improvements
  • Sign Maintenance & Repair

Adventrix shall service and maintain all types of signs and lighting, including neon, cold cathode, fluorescent and LED’s.

  • Protect your investment and your brand with regular maintenance
  • Visual Communication has to be compelling, consistent and above all a true reflection of your business
  • Remember a clean sign means better business!

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your signs will not only extend their effective life span but will also ensure that your brand identity is protected by giving your customers the correct perception of your business. We work with large chain stores that have multiple outlets around the UAE to insure that there image is maintained through the cleanliness of their signs and cladding.

Signage Maintenance Programs

Clean, functioning signs and lighting can increase customer traffic and instill a sense of security around your site.

Adventrix offers 2 program options to help maintain predictable sign maintenance expenses:

On-call program

  • Simple, flexible submission of service requests
  • Prearranged schedule of rates for labor, equipment, and material

Planned and preventative program

  • Flexible, long-term agreements
  • Scheduled cleaning and inspection
  • Monthly inspections