Solar Powered Signs

Solar Powered Signs

There is a growing popularity and demand for renewable resources such as solar energy. Solar energy can be effectively used for illuminating signs. It is important to consider the brightness and size of the solar panels required for the installation. In this energy-efficient system, batteries are charged by sunlight, and the solar device which is usually small enough to be attached to your signage – runs off of the battery at night, allowing all-night illumination of your signage.

The solar signs have the ability to save you millions in your business by cutting the electricity cost.

There are several advantages of using the solar signs like they are lightweight, need streamline construction, can be fixed even in remote places, powered by both sunlight and daylight, no cabling is required and are completely eco friendly. The solar signs are available in innovative designs and styles. You need little maintenance for solar energy efficient signs.

  • Traditional Lighting Systems are expensive to install and operate
  • Solar Sign Lighting Systems are simple, inexpensive to install
  • Solar Sign Lighting Systems are standalone, and FREE to operate
  • Commercial Solar Sign Lights can be sized to illuminate any sign, of any size
  • Solar Sign Lighting Systems give your company a clean, green, eco-friendly image
  • In certain areas, Solar Sign Lighting Systems qualify for tax credits and incentives
  • Never worry about utility connections and trenching for installations again
  • No electrical permitting required
  • No trenching required
  • Low voltage installation
  • Cost effective
  • Great option for remote locations
  • Reduces your impact on the environment
  • Minimal maintenance

Solar Signs Keep Your Business Shining Bright

Adventrix Signs LLC is equipped to manufacture solar powered signs that suit your company’s needs. Our Business Development and Design team will provide calculations and recommendations that take the objectives of your signage into account, and our fabrication staff will manufacture solar signs designed to fit onto your signage.

The green

  • A solar sign can pay for itself in nine years or less.
  • The return on your investment can exceed 200%