Success Stories -backup


March 2016

Emaar has retained us for placing 3D letters on top of the buildings which are owned by Emaar as part of the branding strategy to create brand awareness among public.


As Emaar being the logo in black, the challenge was to make it white in the night as the black can only be illuminated by halo lighting. We have tried and tested various methods using day night acrylic and day night vinyl all seems to be coming to closer what we want and does not appeal.


Hence, we have tried making the sign by extremely careful in choosing the right LED, Illumination Level, Spacing between LED and the distance between LED and the acrylic. After all this, a special product from 3M has helped in achieving the results we want.

Our customer is extremely happy with the results and the project roll out smooth.

Offering Solutions rather than selling always helps.


February 2016

Rove Hotel External signage offered to Adventrix to build as per the specification provided by the signage consultants.

The challenge is that the ROVE letters being in Black color illumination it in the night is a big challenge as it is only possible through halo lighting.

We have tested these letters with flex face and day night vinyl, as flex being the greatest diffuser the lights pass through the flex and the day night vinyl is not that great and the output light was not to make the letters visible in the night time.

Hence, we have used a special vinyl from 3M which will look black in the day and turns white when illuminated.

This technology was successful, however the fact of spacing the LED’s and the distance from the surface is to be taken care of.


January 2016

The Life Pharmacy signage are the latest technology we have adapted. We have used 30 mm solid acrylic block, drill through the rear side of the acrylic to embed the bullet LED’s which will give homogenous lighting level in the front. Be it white, red, blue, green we use same color acrylic and light to achieve the richness in color. These letters absolutely maintenance free and no dust and water can go inside. It is also maintenance free.

SULFIUME – Moving LED Signage

December 2015

Sulfiume is a special signage as the owners wanted to have the large Sulfiume letters in LED neon lighting apart from the regular SULFIUME signage that is placed on the shop front of the Sulfiume restaurant.


The client wants the lights in the large Sulfiume letters shall be moving from one end to other end and also blink three times and start again.


The SULFIUME letters in line form has been made using LED Red Neon, A special programmer and software is used for making the LED neon as moving lights.

The project was successfully executed by the Adventrix Team.


October 2015

Emirates Hills Gate Sign fixed at Montgomery is special and unique Sign made for Emaar Community Management which manages Emirates Hills.

The Sign is panel is specially made of aluminum and a special texture paints used to making rough sand stone finish. The letters are made of solid aluminum and coated with new painting technology COLD METAL SPRAY, the signage got transformed to antique piece and had a rich look.


October 2015

Global village is unique 3D letters fixed in Global Village Ticketing counter and we have RGB LED’s for illuminating the signage. The Sign will turn in night and goes on with different colours of lighting in fading effect. It looks amazing in the night. It can also be turned on to single colour at point of time.


August 2015

Another unique free standing Pylon Sign used for the Identification of the Global Indian School from long distance. The Pylon was made in unique shape and the panels have been finished in spray painted texture finish look alike sand stone and with the combination spray painted panels.

The logos have been computer cut and absolutely sharpness was ensured between the joints of aluminium and acrylic panels hence the logo was looking crisp and clear.

The other challenge is to make the steel structure to with stand the extreme weather conditions. Hence the engineering calculations have been done to ensure that the pylon is safe and stable to with stand harsh weather conditions such as rain, summer and wind up to 150 KM per hour.


May 2015

The Unique triangular shaped pylon sign was requested by the Oberoi Hotels, The sign was placed in front of the Oberoi in business bay and the attracts customers from three directions.

Client has requested granite surface and the 3D letters on top of the granite fascia. The challenge was to make the steel structures in modular parts and fix the granite to the steel structure. The work was seamlessly done by Adventrix and job has been handed over on time.

AL Hafiya Picnic Park – Kalba, Sharjah

April 2014

Adventrix have been awarded the project for the Kalba Picnic Park by SHUROOQ – Sharjah Investment and Development Authority – A Sharjah Government Enterprise.
Adventrix received Design Specifications from LIMAH DESIGN CONSULTANTS and studied carefully the design elements. Each Signage Element has been studied individually and materials have been chosen accordingly, so that the external appeal of the signage is as per client’s requirements.
In the process, many design aspects such as withstanding extreme weather conditions and ease of maintenance has been taken in to considerations. Burma Teak Wood seasoned for external weather has been chosen and the clear protection coating for the wood has been done.
The natural aspects of wood such as notes, cracks and joints have been retained to give a natural look to the wood. The Sign Plate has been powder coated to with stand extreme weather conditions and the texts have been engraved and ink filled for long lasting.
The Main ID Sign of Al Hafiya Park in Kalba and other signage have received applause from the client and the consultants. Adventrix design team is well trained and have capacity to handle such projects.

WEIR OIL SERVICES – Ware House Identification Signage

October 2014

Adventrix has been assigned to manufacture and Install the “WEIR” 3D letters, the height of each letter is 3.8 m and total length is 12.5 meters.
Adventrix studied the requests carefully, unlike normal 3D letter acrylic cannot be used as substrate or fascia due to size non- availability. If acrylic is used, the joints are inevitable. Hence, Adventrix chose flex face as the fascia for the 3D letters and the structure is made of aluminium square tubes. The blue vinyl is used on top of the flex to make the letters blue. The complete 3D letters are illuminated by 5 year warranty LED’s
The flex face was made as one piece for 3.8 m high and 12.5 m long to avoid any joints in the flex and off course vinyl’s will have 5 mm overlapping joints as the Vinyls are available in 1220 mm width only.
The letters have been carefully transported as it is made in parts. The letters have been installed by lifting by crane and with help of the scaffolding it was positioned. The installation was carried out in a record time of three days.

Emaar Pavilion – Ceiling Banner Railing Systems

March 2014

Adventrix have been approached by Emaar Properties PJSC for the manufacturing & installing the ceiling Banner system at the Emaar Pavilion. The trick is the Ceiling is completely done and the banners need to be placed next to each other with minimum gap of 50mm. The banners cannot be slide from the side as the banner frame are installed in one line. Adventrix proposed a solution to fix an open able Aluminium powder coated frames installed touching the ceiling with necessary supports above the ceiling to take the weight of the banners and the Aluminium frames. The Banners can be installed from front side instead of sliding from sides (Not possible in this case). The solution was accepted and the mock up has been done to showcase the placement and replacement of the banners.

Paris Gallery – Dubai Festival City

March 2014

Adventrix received a request to place Tri-vision Panels at the Paris Gallery (Dubai Festival City) Glass Window Overlooking Business Bay Bridge. The Challenge is the space available to work hardly a meter and the location is critical to install a such a huge sign measuring to 8 m wide x 4.6 m high (2 nos) in L shaped window.
Adventrix accepted the task and have designed a suitable steel structure for fixing the signs, Adventrix also designed a special scaffolding accessing 4.6 m high within the available space of less than a meter. The site was carefully studied and logistics was intelligently planned.
The Trivision panels from Prismaflex International – Sweden was installed with the replaceable vinyl on to the inserts available in the tri-vision panels.
The project was well executed and delivered up to the satisfaction of the client. This has envisaged the fact that the Adventrix is capable of executing any complex signage projects by thorough engineering study and deliver the final products workable and feasible for its clients.

Dubai Marina Mall Advertising Light Boxes

March 2014

Adventrix have been approached by Emaar Malls Group to refurbish the complete advertisement light boxes inside the Lift Lobbies of Dubai Marina Mall.  Adventrix proposed a solution of making the complete light box with the sleek design. The box is completely cladded with Stainless Steel Mirror finish Sheet and the concealed hinges have been used for opening & closing of the light boxes. A Special lock and key system helps to open and close the light box without touching the any parts of the light box. As the stainless steel is more prone to finger marks and dirt. A gap of 1 mm – 2 mm is maintained on visible joints. The graphics in the light box can be replaced in minutes with the snap frames installed at the rear side of the box. The light box is fully illuminated by high quality Agilight LED’s with 5 years warranty. The Mock Up on site is prepared and installed by Adventrix got approved in one go. The design and workmanship delivered by Adventrix Team have been well acknowledged.

American Hospital

October 2013

Adventrix had a request from American hospital for fixing logos on the Roof of the Building but 1 m raised from parapet wall. The challenge was American Hospital requested us not to drill any screws on the marble cladding they had in the front surface of the Building.

Adventrix design team studied the requests carefully and designed a structure which can be fixed in the roof in a confined space of 100 mm with the chemical anchors and the drop down structure will carry the complete signage. The structure is designed in such a way the it does not affect the movement of the building cradle.

Complete wind load and dead load of the signage is calculated and proper Chemical Anchors are specially imported from Germany to solve the problem.

Engineering department was completely involved through the installation process and the sign has been installed successfully.