The Difference Between Acrylic 3D Letters and Flex Face 3D Letters

Acrylic 3D Letters - Vs - Flex 3D Letters for Signage in Dubai

The Difference Between Acrylic 3D Letters and Flex Face 3D Letters

When you choose outdoor signage in Dubai, you’ll find yourself facing a variety of options and choices. Among these, you may have to choose between Acrylic 3D letters and Flex Face 3D letters. We run you through examples of our signage projects that will clarify the technical and practical implications of your selection.

Acrylic 3D letters

Acrylic 3D letters are a safe bet, and the letters can be made up to 5 meters high with multiple joints. But the thickness of the acrylic will keep increasing depending on the width of the letters (Stroke length).

Property developers, DAMAC, needed 4m high letters for a Saudi installation, and we are preparing them now. The issue of having multiple joints in one letter has been solved by using a different butt joint which we have developed in-house. You’ll see an example of the end-result in the EMAAR signage image posted above.


Acrylic comes with a longer outdoor warranty than Flex Face. For outdoor signage in Dubai, we can offer a warranty of up to 10 years if we use Plexiglas. Using 3D letters to convey your brand becomes low-maintenance and worry-free. There is no evidence of color change despite sun exposure. We have done more than 50 installations without one instance of fading having been reported.

The WEIR signage image above shows a replacement ordered after the flex face lettering faded over a period of 3 years.

Flex Face 3D letters

We only recommend flex face with vinyl graphics if the letter heights are more than 3 meters. Acrylics require joints because the sheeting is only available in a 2×3 meter size. But even flex face will have joints when letters are larger than 4.8 meters. Flex face comes with a few disadvantages.


Flex face comes with a maximum warranty of 5 years for outdoor signage in Dubai and the UAE. White flex face is particularly problematic as it tends to turn pale yellow due to heat, dust, and weather. Colored flex face letters are also more prone to fading.

Hence, flex face letters need to be replaced whenever there is a color change. In addition, the light diffusion of flex is lower. When combined with blue vinyl, for example, it becomes tough to illuminate and get correct lighting levels for the signage to have the desired impact.


  • We recommend acrylics for letters up to 5 meters high.
  • Letters larger than 5 meters are not suited to acrylics owing to wind pressure which can open up the joints.
  • Flex face is best suited for letters larger than 5 meters but will not be as durable as acrylic 3-D lettering.


Outdoor signage in Dubai and the UAE is our specialty. We advise our clients on material choices and 3-D lettering options to suit their branding needs. Our expertise ensures quality signage that lives up to your expectations. Contact us for a consultation – we’ll find ways to realize your vision.


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