The Role of a Great Sign in Advertising a Small Business

The Role of a Great Sign in Advertising a Small Business

In many of our previous posts we have discussed how on-premise signage is an important tool to get noticed and project an image that resonates with a large percentage of the crowd that is exposed to it. Because on-premise signage can attract even a good part of an untargeted audience, it is essential that due attention be given to it. In this post, we will discuss why small businesses must focus on investing in creative signage to boost their business.

Why Signage is Essential for a Small Business
Let’s begin with the purpose of signage for any kind of business.
1. Business identification
2. Brand enhancement
3. On-premise advertising

Any business, regardless of its size requires some kind of signage for its identification. Then, it requires this signage to be powerful enough to inculcate a brand identity that remains etched in the mind of the consumer. Finally, it offers on-premise advertising that attracts an untargeted audience—an audience that is not captured through print, television or radio advertising—or an impulse shopper/eater.

But what is the difference in the kind of signage used for a smaller business and a larger, more popular one? Let’s consider an example. On a highway, you can all too easily recognize the M of a McDonald’s and can make the decision to stop and eat there from miles away. However, a local burger joint gets a little more thought because you’re not sure whether it is going to be good or whether it is open. So you rely on the sign to indicate the quality of this joint. McDonald’s, apart from delivering delicious fast food, also spends millions in enforcing its brand identity to the world via different advertising media. That is why that ‘M’ sign is so comforting and enticing, all at the same time.

For a local burger joint to compete with a McDonald’s, it has to deliver more in terms of signage with regards to the creative aspect as well as the information aspect. Where that yellow ‘M’ is enough for McDonald’s to make sales in thousands every day, a smaller fast food restaurant must display a creative sign that can stand out and attract the attention of pedestrians as well as motorists. This sign must be supplemented by a sign that indicates its hours of operation and perhaps a special that they are offering to attract customers. This, of course, is a valid argument for a local business competing with an international business. However, for a local business offering a specialized service or product, the requirements of a business sign will be different.

There is often a misconception that a small sign offers little value to a business, whereas a large sign does so more effectively. On the other hand, it is also believed that larger signs can be less than aesthetically pleasing in a commercial area, thereby destroying the architectural appeal of your business location. The size of signage is another important factor that attracts attention.

It is thus imperative that smaller businesses join hands with signage companies to understand the effectiveness of signage, to get an analysis of the area they are in, and to determine the perfect location for the sign that is in keeping with the architecture of the given space. A low-cost advertising solution that works 24 hours a day is the perfect way to attract customers who otherwise remain unknown to the existence of a good business.

The inputs of an expert such as an established signage company become invaluable when a business is located in an area that sees heavy tourist traffic. For instance, in a city like Dubai where tourists are around almost all around the year, capitalizing on this rich footfall can provide immense turnover to a business. In such a case, the installation of a proper sign can become the most important driving factor to attract attention to an audience unfamiliar with the city and your more established competitors.

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