Top 10 Tips When Ordering Signage In Dubai

Top 10 Tips When Ordering Signage In Dubai

Ordering signage in Dubai is a big step. After all, there’s a lot of competition (and a lot of signage) out there, and you want your business signage to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few of the design considerations we’ll go through with you when you order your signage.

Logo Colours & Contrast

Make sure you choose standard colors. A logo’s colors are very important in making signage visible – day or night. People often make mistakes when they pick odd, gradient or dark colours, which are difficult to illuminate at night. Also, remember that a sign’s colour needs to be in contrast to its background. If the signage color and background are similar, then the sign may not stand out.

Letter Height

Signs on buildings must be visible and easy to read from a distance. In more intimate, slower-paced settings, signs can have much smaller letters. Your choice of letter height will also depend on whether people are viewing your sign from below or at eye level. When they must look upwards to view the lettering, the perspective makes the letters look shorter than they really are.



Is your signage designed for people that are walking or for people that are driving? Remember that people that are driving only have a few seconds to see your sign while people that are walking will have more time to take in your brand’s visuals. Both the text height and colors should be chosen based on the perspective of the viewer. Make it easy for your prospective customers to find you!


Make sure that that the signage is not too big or too small in relation to the space available. Signage should fit the exact space and look balanced. If the sign is too big, it will look congested. If it’s too small, people will focus on the empty space around it.

Optimum Lighting

People look away from signage that is too bright or too dull. Achieving optimum lighting is important as it makes people look for longer and look again! Care should be taken to decide the illumination level for tricky colors such as green, red and blue. As specialists in signage in Dubai, we can give you advice that’s based on experience.

 Allocation of Space

Allocating space for signage is an important consideration in a building’s design stage. Often, people design beautiful buildings and later find it difficult to identify a suitable place for the signage. If you’re facing a situation in which finding an impactful space for your signage is difficult, one of our signage consultants will be happy to provide advice.

 Fixing Method

A sign’s fixing method is dependent on the building’s design. It’s very important to check this before proceeding with a sign, as the signage may have to be fixed on glass, aluminum, or a wooden facade. A sign on a building needs to withstand all the relevant weather conditions such as wind, rain, dust, etc. and the fixing method will play a vital role in ensuring this. Once again, we are familiar with UAE conditions. Our signage installations in the UAE are built to last!

Electrical Load

The electrical load needs to be checked early on in the project lifecycle. Providing the required power will not only avoid any electrical disruptions but increase the life of the signage. Remember that power point provision during the construction stage, close to the signage, is also an important consideration. If you’re in a tricky situation with regard to power supply, we will be happy to evaluate your power supply and make recommendations to your electrician.

Cut out Clutter

Keep your signs simple. The signage needs to convey only the required message to the target audience. Too much clutter on a single signboard will confuse, rather than attract, a crowd. Look at the top boutiques and commercial businesses. Elegant signage is simple to the point of minimalism.


Maintenance and cleaning of the signage are very important to ensure a good impression. The signage location needs to be easily accessible and removable for maintenance and cleaning. Often, signage is sealed completely, or its location is not accessible for maintaining & cleaning. Ask us about maintenance needs for different signage options when ordering signage in Dubai.

Tip 11! Talk to us first!

If you’re hoping to order signage in Dubai, it pays to start with the professionals. Our helpful team has the technical and creative expertise you need to make your brand shine. Get high-impact signage with Adventrix. The first step is simple: contact us!


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