Using Solar Panels in Illuminating Signs

Using Solar Panels in Illuminating Signs

There is a growing popularity and demand for renewable resources such as solar energy. Solar energy can be effectively used for illuminating signs. It is important to consider the brightness and size of the solar panels required for the installation.
In this energy-efficient system, batteries are charged by sunlight, and the solar device which is usually small enough to be attached to your signage – runs off of the battery at night, allowing all-night illumination of your signage.


  • Traditional Lighting Systems are expensive to install and operate
  • Solar Sign Lighting Systems are simple, inexpensive to install
  • Solar Sign Lighting Systems are standalone, and FREE to operate
  • Commercial Solar Sign Lights can be sized to illuminate any sign, of any size
  • Solar Sign Lighting Systems give your company a clean, green, eco-friendly image
  • In certain areas, Solar Sign Lighting Systems qualify for tax credits and incentives
  • Never worry about utility connections and trenching for installations again
  • No electrical permitting required
  • No trenching required
  • Low voltage installation
  • Great option for remote locations
  • Reduces your impact on the environment
  • Minimal maintenance

More green

  • Installation is significantly less expensive than electrical lighting.
  • No expense of digging up concrete or asphalt to run power to where you want the sign.
  • No expense of wiring from a main power source to the solar powered sign.
  • Your cost is fixed, and amortized over the life of the sign. That means you’ve paid for energy at the start, while electric signs generate an electric bill each month, and electric rates over the next 25 years are destined to rise significantly as traditional power sources shrink.
  • You can generate more business by placing this signage in places you can’t wire a traditional sign.

How do solar powered sign work?
Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are flat panels made up of solar cells. We incorporate advances in solar technology and create custom signs for any need.

What happens when there’s no sun?

  • Hassle-free, large capacity batteries are part of the package.
  • The batteries are recharged during the day by the solar panels.
  • The power from the batteries is only used a night.
  • Next generation batteries can give you up to two weeks of power without sunlight.
  • Electronic timers allow you to set start and stop times, conserving battery power. You may decide there is no need to invite customers in, or advertise where your business is, when traffic is non-existent in the middle of the night.

In modern days people do not use invertors any more to convert DC to AC and store it in Inverters. We can use 12v or 24v DC lamps directly powered by solar panels which generate Direct Current. Also you cannot determine light output by wattage. Wattage is energy consumed. Light output is measured in Lumens.

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