Wayfinding with Signboards: Dubai

Wayfinding with Signboards: Dubai

Since ancient times, people have been finding their way around with the help of signboards and wayfinding symbols. But times have changed since the days when hunters left scratch marks in the sand or Roman conquerors built their well-signposted roads. With a growing world population and the development of vast commercial hubs, we can’t underestimate the importance of wayfinding signboards. Dubai leads the way!

Wayfinders Signage Airport Dubai


This Way, That Way, or the Other Way?

From the very largest shopping mall in the world to one of the world’s busiest airports, Dubai can be a confusing place for visitors – and even locals! And if people wanted life to be easy in the past,

there’s a new definition of “ease,” that’s relevant today. Simply put: if they can’t find the way easily, people will just go somewhere else. The answer? Wayfinding signboards. Dubai is certainly one of the centers where this type of signage has the greatest relevance.

Nobody likes being lost. You will surely know the disjointed feeling it gives you. It’s not pleasant, and in large facilities, it makes you feel as if someone, somewhere just got it all wrong. Nowadays, few are ready to suffer in silence. Ease of navigation, or the lack of it, will from an important part of the impression your facility makes on its visitors. And that impression will become part of your public image.

Wayfinders Shopping Mall Dubai


Wayfinding Signboards in Dubai: From the Basic to the Cutting-Edge

Just as ancient roadbuilders erected simple, directional signs for travellers, so large facilities still find straightforward wayfinding signage effective. But it can leave unanswered questions. Yes, the sign points to this – but is something else to be found along the way? And the bigger the facility, the easier it is for static signs to become confusing.

Interpreting wayfinding signs can also take time. Just consider the traditional mall map with its numbered key and “you are here” icon. Finding the store that you want and the correct route to get there can be the work of several minutes.

So, while signs indicating things like restrooms and fire-exits are relatively simple to follow even when they’re the old-fashioned sort, interactive wayfinding signage is more effective for large facilities offering a wide range of possible destinations.

It’s not Only the Public That Expects Great Service

While we’re talking about wayfinding signage: Dubai doesn’t only consist of shoppers, clients of the facility, and passers-by.  If you’re the manager of a large facility, especially one of a commercial nature, your tenants are the clients you really need to please. After all, premium retail space in Dubai doesn’t come cheap.

The last thing your tenants want to hear is that their “prime” location is hard to find. As the facility owner or manager, it’s up to you to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Shoppers need the ability to search by store name, store type or store location. And the age of at-your-fingertips information in which we live hasn’t made them any more patient than they were a decade or so ago.

To give your clients – the tenants who use space in your facility – the service they want, you need to give the public what they want: easy wayfinding signage that takes them right to the spot where they want to be.

No matter what your facility’s needs in terms of wayfinding signboards, Dubai sign company, Adventrix, has what you need. From those straightforward static signs to interactive digital wayfinding technology, Adventrix makes finding the way easy. Help people reach their destinations the stress-free way with Adventrix. What could be simpler? Contact us to find out what we can do for your facility.

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