Way Finding Signage

Way Finding Signage

Our Way finding Philosophy

Way finding is how people find their way. It is a combination of elements that help people reach their desired destination.

Adventrix made way finding very easy and effective. The best way finding strategy should ensure the following

  • The most efficient movement of people around any place.
  • Ensuring valuable experiences are not missed.
  • Projecting the best image possible to all visitors.
  • Maximizing commercial objectives.
  • Achieving positive visitor/user experience and memory.
  • Enhance branding strategies, corporate identity and image.
  • Involves visual communications, landmarks, lighting and landscape.

Way finding means knowing where you are, knowing your destination, following the best route, recognizing your destination, and finding your way back. When people cannot do these things, outside or inside, we say they are disoriented. Since disorientation has significant negative consequences, both for individuals and for the organizations that serve them, easy navigation benefits everyone.

The best way finding systems feature consistent standards that can be adapted and altered as required to locate existing destinations plus adapt to feature future development.