What to Consider Before Purchasing Digital Signage

What to Consider Before Purchasing Digital Signage

Digital signage can be a wise investment for any business. It can help to build your brand, advertise products and it can also enhance the consumer experience. Digital signs have a lot of potential functions that can serve you well, but there are some considerations that should be made before you start the process of shopping for a digital sign package. While the consultant for the digital signage supplier might be very helpful and able to assist you in the process, your business is much more likely to get the most out of digital signage if you plan ahead.

Learn the basics of digital signage

You don’t need to be an expert in digital signage before you start the process, but it will help to have a basic idea of what the technology is capable of and how it works. This will provide you with an understanding of what the possibilities are, how it can be used and how the different elements of digital signage can work for you. Learn about the different ways that digital signs are used across the industry, the different types of hardware and software that are available and what it takes to achieve certain goals.


Once you have an understanding of the basics of digital signage, you will be ready to form a plan in regard to what you want digital signage to do for your business. Since digital signage has a great range of capabilities when it comes to information disbursement, you will want to know to what ends that you need to use the technology. Form a basic plan as to the message that you want to convey and how you want to communicate the information to the intended audience. Having a plan will better equip you to communicate your needs to the digital sign consultant.

The in-store environment

Having a plan for the messaging will be helpful, but you also want to consider the way that you want the digital signage to fit into the physical environment of the store. With a diverse range of hardware options, digital signage can be made to fit into the environment in a range of different ways. Do you want it to blend into the in-store environment? Do you want it to stand-out from the rest of the store? You need to know how you want the digital signage to integrate in to the rest of the location.

Think beyond the installation

You also want to consider the future of your digital signage strategy. Consider whether you want to install a system that is ready for future updates or an expansion of the digital signage in the store. Think about how versatile you want the system to be. Do you want hardware that is fixed in place or do you want units that can be easily moved around? It is important to consider the future when you are purchasing digital signage.

With some preplanning and a little bit of knowledge, you will be better equipped to get the digital signage solution that is right for your business. When you talk to a consultant, know what your plan is and know what you want, but also listen to their recommendations and insight.

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