Why Box Depth is Important for Even Illumination?

Why Box Depth is Important for Even Illumination?

In order to achieve even illumination in making light boxes, the depth of a box should be given particular consideration. This has something to do with the beam angle of LED. This beam angle refers to the light spreading angle coming from the light source. The depth of a light box entirely depends on the LEDs. This simply means that the higher the beam angle is, the lesser the box depth will be. At the same time, the distance in between the rows of the LED are also dependant on the box depth, as well as the beam angle in order to achieve an even spread of light at the surface.

In order to understand this further, let’s take a look at the nature of a LED’s beam angle. The beam angle is a great feature among lamps, since individual LED’s may be arranged in a way that can alter the angle coming from the light beam.

Small Beam Angles and Large Beam Angles

Small beam angles they generally refer to angles that are 30 degrees or less. In this case, it is highly recommended that LED spotlight or downlight should be less than 5W in order to maintain enough light intensity. The smaller beam angles work in preventing light beams from interfering each other.

The greater the beam angle is, the smaller the light intensity you can expect. This will be the intensity of light that you can expect to be available at a specific distance coming from the light source.

Large beam angles, on the other hand, are those that are more than 30 degrees in measurement. They are also perfect for high powered LED lamps; lamps that are usually rated more than 5W. Larger beam angles can also do well for LED spotlights and downlights that have huge spaces apart from each other.

The Importance of Box Depth

These days, there are different light boxes that are available in the display market. For instance, by purchasing an ultra slim light box with a depth of 24mm with a profile of 25mm, you can expect an even and brilliant illumination which you can use for advertisements. Illumination in this type of light box is usually provided through electricity-saving LED lights coming from the acrylic panel edges, thus resulting to a high quality illumination while at the same time saving you money on electric bills. On the other hand, if you choose to obtain a light box with a depth at 20mm aluminium section depth and 25mm wide snap frame, you can expect uniformity and high brightness.

LED light boxes are generally lightweight and create stunning graphic displays which feature easy to alter printed graphics. It uses high standard LED lighting technology. When browsing through the display market, you may come across different light boxes, and they are generally available in a wide array of profile depths, ranging from 10mm to 135mm. They can provide even illumination. At the same time, you can expect them to be incredibly energy efficient.


If you are searching for one that can fit your needs, considering the box depth can help you in identifying the capacity of your chosen light box to produce even illumination. If you choose a light box with lesser depth, then you can expect larger beam angles to work through. At the same time, if you choose a light box which is slightly deeper, then it goes to say that the beam angles will be lesser. Understanding all the concepts behind the technology of light, beam angles and illumination will allow you to choose the best light box that can fit your preferences.

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